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Spectrum Management Policy Reform Issues

"Wireless" communications, considered only a few years ago as little more than a luxury or significant only in providing broadcasting services, today is an essential element in providing the fabric of an open and free society. As a result, there is a rapidly increasing role for “wireless” services in ensuring the effectiveness of national and homeland defenses, in making available public safety and first-responder services, in serving the domestic and international traveler, in creating jobs and promoting economic growth, in achieving unparalleled advances in space and scientific research, and in maintaining national leadership in radiocommunications technology and services. Consequently, the demands on the use of the radio frequency spectrum, commonly referred to as a natural resource, are rapidly increasing at a rate that raises questions regarding the viability of this natural resource to sustain these ever growing demands to provide yet additional "wireless" services worldwide to governments, industry, and individual consumers.

To address these concerns, the United States has established a program focused on the comprehensive review and the systematic implementation of reforms for improving those spectrum management policies affecting United States' ability to satisfy its domestic and international uses of the spectrum. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration initiated this program in FY 03 and has conducted this work as directed in the Executive Memorandum signed by President George W. Bush on May 29, 2003. In this memorandum the President also provides the Administration’s commitment toward promoting and implementing a United States Spectrum Policy for the 21st Century. While this program is envisioned to continue in multiple phases over a number of years, the Executive Memorandum directs the Secretary of Commerce to prepare reports for submission to the President by May 29, 2004, containing the results of those program activities completed and specific recommendations that have been developed for spectrum management policy reforms.

Further details regarding this program and information regarding the issues being addressed will be provided on this website as that becomes available; questions regarding this program may be directed to Byron Barker, Chief, Strategic Planning Division, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (email: bbarker@ntia.doc.gov; ph: 202 482 6207; fx: 202 566 2440).

More Information

Spectrum Management Advisory Committee: The Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee advises the Commerce Department on key elements of President Bush’s 21st Century Spectrum Policy Initiative for improving management of the nation’s airwaves.

• Spectrum Management Workshop: NTIA sponsored a workshop on Improving Spectrum Management through Economic or Other Incentives on February 28 - March 1, 2006 at the National Academy of Sciences. The workshop elicited views and proposals regarding the use of economic or other incentives to increase spectrum management efficiency.
Final agenda [ -- MS Word -- Acrobat PDF -- ]
Transcript: February 28, 2006 [ -- MS Word -- Acrobat PDF -- ]
Transcript: March 1, 2006 [ -- MS Word -- Acrobat PDF -- ]
Posted 04-07-2006

Plan to Implement Recommendations of the President's Spectrum Policy Initiative [Html, Word, PDF]

Text of November 30, 2004, Executive Memorandum on Spectrum Policy Reform [PDF]

Text of May 29, 2003, Executive Memorandum on Spectrum Policy Reform

The Federal Government Spectrum Task Force

NTIA's Public Outreach Program

NTIA's Notice of Inquiry on Spectrum Policy Reform and Comments Received

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