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NOAA Undersea Research Program

The NOAA Undersea Research Program provides knowledge needed to wisely use the nation's oceanic, coastal, and large lake resources. NURP scientists explore, sample and live beneath the sea using advanced technologies and techniques.

NURP's research areas address environmental issues of regional, national, and global importance, including the areas of fisheries, healthy oceans, diversity of life, environmental change, and marine education. Through a national office and six National Undersea Research Centers, NURP provides scientists access to advanced diving technologies required to conduct in situ underwater research.

For more information about this program please contact:

Barbara Moore, Director
NOAA Undersea Research Program
1315 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910



US map of NOAA Undersea Research Program regions  NURP Centers location map and contact information


Providing access to advanced technologies

  • Mixed gas scuba diving
  • Underwater laboratories
  • Seafloor observatories
  • Underwater remotely operated vehicles
  • Manned research submersibles
  • Underwater sampling technologies



Undersea Research Areas

  • Fisheries
  • Healthy Oceans
  • Diversity of Life
  • Environmental Change
  • Marine Education