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12/21/01 NOAA Assumes Operational Control of New Weather Satellite

NOAA Investigates Giant Deep-sea ‘Mystery Squid'

2001 in Review Marks Warmer Temperatures, Active Hurricane Season

NOAA Fisheries and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Dedicate Black Bayou Restoration Project

12/14/01 Santa Asks NOAA: Who Will Have a White Christmas?

12/13/01 Winter Weather Patterns Begin to Take Shape

12/13/10 NOAA to Aid NORAD in Tracking Santa Claus

12/11/01 NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown Returns to Charleston after Year of Global Climate and Other Research

12/11/01 NOAA Wins First Prosecution Using Satellite-based Vessel Monitoring System

12/10/01 Conrad Lautenbacher Is the New NOAA Administrator

12/10/01 2nd Annual National Severe Weather Workshop to Be Held March 1 & 2

12/6/01 NOAA Places Interactive Snowfall Maps and Data Online

12/5/01 Commerce Deputy Secretary Bodman Announces $34 Million Funding for Coral Reef Conservation

12/4/01 Commerce Department Awards Silver Medal to Grants Pass, Oregon Native

12/4/01 Research Season a ‘Success' for NOAA Hurricane Scientists, Colleagues

12/1/01 NOAA Renames Tsunami Center in Memory of Hawaii Weather Official

11/30/01 Conrad Lautenbacher to Take Helm at NOAA

11/29/01 2001 Atlantic Hurricane Season Continues Trend For Heightened Storm Activity

11/29/01 Donald R. Johnson Named NOAA Special Project Scientist

11/28/01 U.S. Opposes Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Overfishing Annual ICCAT Meeting Ends Without Approval Of Key Measures

11/27/01 NOAA Fisheries Extends Deadline for Public Comments about Proposed TEDs Modifications

11/26/01 NOAA Fisheries Launches Pacific Albacore Tuna Tagging Program

11/20/01 NOAA and Other Agencies Team up to Haul in More than 60 Tons of Marine Debris

11/20/01 October 2001 Global Temperature Warmest on Record, U.s. Temperature Slightly above Average

11/16/01 New Iceberg "Calves" in the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica, National Ice Center Reports

11/16/01 New Weather Product Helps Pilots Avoid Dangerous Storms

11/15/01 New Weather Station on Lake St. Clair Lighthouse Gives Forecasters, Mariners Crucial Data

11/15/01 NOAA, Ocean Trust and National Fisheries Institute Announce Three-year Plans for Habitat Restoration

1/15/01 NOAA Provides $250,000 to the Gulf of Mexico Foundation

11/13/01 NOAA Fisheries Awards $4 Million Contract to Austin Firm

11/9/01 Administration Initiates New Salmon Restoration Efforts

11/7/01 NOAA Fisheries and American Sportfishing Association Provide $1 Million to Restore Fish Habitat

11/7/01 NOAA Provides $100,000 for Chesapeake Bay Habitat Restoration to the National Aquarium in Baltimore

11/6/01 NOAA Fisheries Seeks Comments on Impacts to Steller Sea Lions

11/5/01 NOAA Fisheries to Use Modified Techniques in next Year's Shark Stock Assessment

11/2/01 NOAA's David Kennedy Awarded Meritorious Executive Award

11/2/01 Flood Outlook Product Declared Operational by National Weather Service

11/1/01 NOAA's National Weather Service Rolls Out New Wind Chill Temperature Index

11/1/01 NOAA Radar Hotline Celebrates 10 Years of Worldwide Assistance

10/29/01 Noted National Weather Service Official Dies in Honolulu

10/29/01 NOAA's Mary Glackin Receives 2001 Presidential Rank Award

10/29/01 NOAA and the National Space Club Seek Nominations for Prestigious NOAA-David Johnson Award

10/29/01 James Purdom, Formerly of NOAA, Receives 2001 Presidential Rank Award

10/25/01 NOAA, Trout Unlimited Join Forces for Coastal Habitat Restoration

10/24/01 NOAA Announces New "Environomics" Program That Links Weather, Climate to Economy

10/23/01 New $15 Million NOAA Education Initiative for Minority-serving Institutions Detailed by Commerce Deputy Secretary Bodman

10/23/01 NOAA Fisheries Appoints National Seabird Coordinator

10/22/01 NOAA Science Advisory Board Seeks Public Input on Western Water Issues

10/19/01 NOAA Awards $2.5 Million to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

10/19/01 Teacher Chris Brothers of Falmouth Gets Hands-On Research Experience Aboard NOAA Ship

10/18/01 NOAA Fisheries Announces Public Hearings to Discuss Proposed Turtle Excluder Device Regulations

10/18/01 NOAA Reports U.S. to Face Another Cool Winter

10/17/01 NOAA Awards $2.5 Million to University of Maryland Eastern Shore

10/17/01 NOAA Makes New Tree Ring Data Available

10/17/01 Two Miami Ocean Specialists Named NOAA Research Employees of the Year

10/17/01 Lake City Researcher Named NOAA Research Employee of the Year

10/16/01 NOAA, NASA Report 2001 Ozone Hole Similar in Size to Holes of past Three Years

10/4/01 NOAA'S National Weather Service Launches Campaign to Warn Against Severe Alaska Winter Weather

10/2/01 NOAA Fisheries Seeks TEDS Modifications

10/1/01 NOAA Celebrates Ocean Exploration Missions; Honors Senator Hollings During Charleston Waterfront Event

10/1/01 NOAA's Satellites Reveal Drought Conditions in 20 Percent of the World

9/28/01 NOAA's National Climatic Data Center Celebrates 50 Years of Service

9/26/01 National Estuaries Day Celebration Focuses on Education

9/26/01 Summer 2001 Fifth Warmest on Record for U.S. Conditions Dry in the Northwest, Wet in Southern Gulf

9/25/01 Solar Storm Approaching Earth: Northern Lights Possible

9/24/01 Workshop Addresses Pacific Northwest Weather Outlook and Energy Resources

9/24/01 NOAA Provides Search and Rescue, Navigation Assistance to Volvo Ocean Race

9/24/01 NOAA Awards $15 Million Educational Package to Minority Serving Institutions

9/20/01 NOAA Awards $8.7 Million Doppler Radar Contract to Enterprise Electronics Corporation

9/20/01 NOAA to Provide New Doppler Radar Unit for Evansville, Ind., Area

9/20/01 Entangled Right Whale Feared Dead

9/17/01 Federal Agencies Seek Information and Comment on Salmon Recovery

9/17/01 NOAA Fisheries Special Agents Assist in Disaster Investigation

9/17/01 NOAA AND NASA Keeping Close Watch on Ozone Hole over Antarctica

9/12/01 NOAA Fisheries Seeks Comments on Impacts on Marine Mammals During Repairs to Carpinteria Oil and Gas Processing Facility

9/10/01 NOAA Fisheries Wants Input on New Research Plan

9/6/01 NOAA Updates What Defines Normal Temperature

9/4/01 100 Scientists Join NOAA/NSF Led Climate Study Cruise

8/31/01 Teacher Jennifer Richards of Poway, Calif., to Get Hands-On Research Experience Aboard NOAA Ship

8/30/01 NOAA Explores Deep Sea Areas of Gulf Stream and South Atlantic

8/30/01 Goldbutte Resident to Receive National Award for 59 Years of Continuous Weather Data Collection

8/27/01 NOAA Fisheries Collects Recreational Fish Data in Hawaii

8/23/01 NOAA Fisheries Approves Program to Make West Coast Sablefish Harvest Safer, More Efficient

8/22/01 NOAA Unveils Proposed Salmon Rule

8/21/01 Unraveling the Mystery of Underwater Volcanoes

8/17/01 NOAA Fisheries Biologist to Lead American Fisheries Society

8/17/01 NOAA's New Environmental Satellite Snaps First Image

8/17/01 NOAA Delivers Life-saving Disaster-preparedness Infrastructure and Systems to Central America

8/17/01 NOAA Honors Students with the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Award

8/16/01 Scientific Study Tracks Giant Bluefin Tunas Across Atlantic

8/13/01 NOAA'S Newest Environmental Satellite Reaches Orbit

8/10/01 NOAA Hurricane Scientists Test New Forecast Devices During Tropical Storm Barry

8/9/01 NOAA Ups Hurricane Forecast a Notch as Peak Season Begins

8/9/01 NOAA Weather Radio Gets New Voice

8/9/01 NOAA Partnership with Jackson State University Brings $2.3 Million in Research Funding

8/7/01 NOAA Fisheries to Review Declines in Northwest Orca Population

8/6/01 NOAA to Participate in Tsunami Review, International Symposium

8/3/01 New Bedford and Dutch Harbor-unalaska Share Nation's Top Fishing Port for 2000

8/1/01 Draft Ship Strike Report Urges Restrictions on Ships to Protect Endangered Right Whales

7/31/01 New "Meteorologist in Charge" Joins National Weather Service Forecast Office in Fort Worth

7/26/01 "Women of Color" Technology Conference Honors NOAA Women National Weather Service Women Receive Technology All-star Awards

7/26/01 Americans Ate More Seafood in 2000

7/25/01 NOAA Provides Central America Life Saving Satellite Weather Technology

7/23/01 Newest NOAA Environmental Satellite Launched to Detect Harmful Solar flares and Gather Weather Data

7/19/01 NOAA'S Models and Satellites Help Chesapeake Bay Swimmers Avoid Jellyfish

7/19/01 NOAA Scientists Say Active Hurricane Era Will Continue

7/16/01 Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor Steam Engine Recovered

7/13/01 NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Rule to Protect Sharks in Federal Waters

7/13/01 Federal Government Reaffirms Makah Indian Whaling Rights

7/13/01 NOAA Ocean Scientists Explore Depths of Oregon's Astoria Canyon

7/12/01 Commerce Department Report Finds Northeast Anglers Spent $4.5 Billion Fishing in 1998

7/11/01 NOAA Charges Suspects with Illegally Dumping Material to Create Lobster Habitat

7/10/01 NOAA, Oregon State Scientists Reveal Mysteries of Unexplored Astoria Canyon

7/10/01 NOAA, Coast Guard Gain Approval for Greater Ship Safety Along Olympic Coast

7/10/01 NOAA Receives Initial Green Light to Extend International Protection to the Florida Keys

7/7/01 NOAA Enters into Landmark Public-private Partnership to Protect Nation's Estuaries

7/2/01 First-ever Fish Count on Stellwagen Bank Seeks Biological Riches

7/1/01 Florida's Tortugas Becomes Nation's Largest Marine Reserve

6/29/01 NOAA Awards Contract to Support Satellite Search and Rescue, and Data Collection Systems

6/28/01 NOAA Fisheries Announces Emergency Rule in Virginia Waters to Protect Sea Turtles

6/28/01 NOAA'S National Weather Service Tests New Heat Warning System in New Orleans

6/27/01 NOAA Develops New Internet Tracking of Permits for Endangered Salmon Species in Northwest

6/26/01 Commerce Secretary Evans Announces 2001 Ocean Fishery Council Appointments

6/21/01 NOAA, NASA to Launch New Environmental Satellite That Will Detect Solar Storms

6/21/01 NOAA Celebrates 25th Anniversary of First Flight of Noaa P-3 Hurricane Hunter Aircraft on June 27

6/21/01 NOAA Science Advisory Board Focuses on Fish

6/19/01 NOAA Hosts Renowned Explorer Robert Ballard During Visit to Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary/underwater Preserve

6/19/01 NOAA Joins Federal Partners at Industry Fair to Promote the Nation's Marine

6/19/01 Lightning Kills, Play it Safe; NOAA and PGA TOUR Alert Public

6/19/01 NOAA, NASA Officials to Hold Press Briefing on New Goes-m Satellite Launch

6/19/01 NOAA and PGA Tours' Rocco Mediate Spotlight Weather Killer – Lightning

6/18/01 NOAA Fisheries Issues New Requirements for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Charter and Headboat Permits

6/15/01 Team Preps for Whale Rescue

6/14/01 NOAA'S National Weather Service Honors Idaho Communities for Earning "StormReady" Designation

6/14/01 Science Girls Go to the White House

6/14/01 NOAA Joins Federal Partners at Industry Fair to Promote the Nation's Marine Transportation System

6/14/01 Endangered United States Atlantic Salmon Gain Protections Through New International Agreement

6/12/01 Decline of Tiny Shrimp in Northern Lake Michigan May Hurt Fish and Lake Sport Fish, Says NOAA

6/12/01 NOAA Calculates Amount of Rainfall Needed to End Droughts Around the Country

6/8/01 Community-based Restoration Partnership Benefits Chesapeake Bay Wetlands

6/8/01 Discoverer of the Titanic Helps Map Michigan Shipwrecks in Thunder Bay Sanctuary

6/6/01 NOAA Fisheries and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Join to Restore Black Bayou Fish Habitat

5/30/01 Report Says Recreational Losses from Chalk Point Oil Spill Valued at $453,500

5/29/01 Commerce Department Lists California White Abalone as Endangered

5/24/01 NOAA, U.S. Navy to Raise Engine of Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor from Ocean Floor

5/24/01 Florida Based National Hurricane Center Forecaster Receives National Weather Service's Highest Honor

5/23/01 Steller Sea Lion Research Projects Selected for Funding Grants Should Be Awarded in Time for Summer Season

5/23/01 NOAA Honors Sixteen for Supporting Noaa Weather Radio

5/22/01 President Bush Proclaims Hurricane Awareness Week

5/21/01 Hurricane Forecasters Expect Normal Atlantic Storm Activity in 2001

5/17/01 Summer 2001 Outlook Shows Little Relief for Drought, More Rain for Midwest

5/16/01 Florida Based National Hurricane Center Forecaster Receives National Weather Service's Highest Honor

5/16/01 NOAA Honors Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

5/16/01 NOAA Honors Jasper County, Miss., Teenager

5/16/01 NOAA Honors Beebe, Ark., Public School Superintendent

5/16/01 NOAA Buoy Keeps Eye On Coral Reefs; Warns of Bleaching

5/9/01 The Nation's Seventh Uniformed Service Reaches Milestone with Graduation of 100th Basic Officer Training Class

5/8/01 NOAA Scientists Receive Awards for Work on Galapagos Islands Oil Spill

5/8/01 NOAA'S GOES-2 Satellite Boosted out of Former Orbit to Make Room for New

5/7/01 NOAA Announces East Coast Hurricane Awareness Tour

5/4/01 New NOAA Web Site Provides One-Stop Shopping For Information on the Ozone Layer

5/3/01 Storm Prediction Center Director Hosts Web Chat with GLOBE Students

5/3/01 NOAA to Hold GOES Satellite Users' Conference

5/2/01 Public Meeting on Alaska Groundfish Fisheries Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)

5/2/01 Warren Hall Named Chief Financial Officer of NOAA's National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

5/1/01 NOAA Biological Research Cruise Goes Digital: Data Now Available in Days, Not Months

4/30/01 Turning Environmental Data into Knowledge

4/26/01 NOAA's National Ocean Service to Send Almost $150 Million to Coastal Communities in Seven States

4/23/01 Commerce Department Seeks Advice on $10 Million Northeast Groundfish Permit Buyout

4/23/01 NOAA Hails Bolivar County Volunteers as "Environmental Heroes"

4/22/01 NOAA Honors Environmental Heroes; Applauds Reduction in Southeast Florida Drownings

4/20/01 NOAA Names Environmental Heroes

4/20/01 NOAA Celebrates Earth Day 2001

4/17/01 NOAA Fisheries Seeks Public Comment on Proposal to List Smalltooth Sawfish as Endangered

4/16/01 Independent Management Review Awards Weather Service All "A's"

4/16/01 Hurricane Awareness Tour Stresses Partnership, Preparation For 2001 Atlantic Hurricane Season

4/13/01 Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Michigan to Receive Funds for Shipwreck Inventory and Potential Visitor Center

4/13/01 Flower Garden Bank National Marine Sanctuary in Texas to Receive Funds for Resource Monitoring Program and Enhanced Education Outreach

4/13/01 Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary in Massachusetts to Receive Funds for Resource Survey and Visitor's Center

4/13/01 Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary in Washington to Receive Funds for Visitor Center, Monitoring and Resource Surveys

4/13/01 Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuaries in American Samoa to Receive Funds for Resource Monitoring Program and Education Activities

4/13/01 Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuaries to Receive Funds for Resource Management and Education Center

4/13/01 Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary in Georgia to Receive Funds for Visitor Center and Resource Conservation

4/13/01 Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to Receive Funds for Visitor Center, Enforcement and Resource Conservation

4/13/01 National Marine Sanctuaries in California to Receive Funds for Resource Monitoring Program and Education Activities

4/13/01 Monitor National Marine Sanctuary in Virginia to Receive Funds for Recovery Efforts and Resource Center

4/12/01 President's Budget Slates $6 Million for South Carolina Coastal Management Projects

4/12/01 President's Budget Slates $110 Million for Natural Resource Management and Weather Services Projects in Pacific Northwest and Alaska

4/12/01 President's Budget Slates $20 Million for New England Fisheries Projects

4/11/01 National Weather Service Declares Hurricane Awareness Week; Unveils New Hurricane Awareness Web Site

4/9/01 President's Budget Slates $110 Million for Natural Resource Management and Weather Services Projects in Pacific Northwest and Alaska

4/9/01 President's Budget Slates $20 Million for New England Fisheries Projects

4/9/01 President Proposes over $11 Million for Florida Conservation And Hurricane Prediction Projects

4/9/01 President's Budget for Commerce Department/ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration FY 2002

4/4/01 NOAA Scientists Link Atlantic Ocean Temperatures To South Florida Long-term Flood/ Drought Cycles

4/4/01 NOAA Fisheries Has Longline Fishermen Continue Carrying Simple Tools to Untangle Sea Turtles

4/3/01 NOAA Seeking Research and Development Proposals for Projects to Strengthen and Improve the U.S. Fishing Industry

3/30/01 NOAA Scientist Receives Prestigious NOAA-David Johnson Award

3/30/01 Klamath Mountains Steelhead Among the Region's More AbundantFederal Protection Won't Be Needed, Fisheries Service Says

3/30/01 Lt. Cmdr. Michael Abbott, NOAA Corps, Assumes Command of NOAA Ship Albatross IV in Woods Hole

3/26/01 NOAA Fisheries Seeks Comments on Alaska Groundfish Fisheries Analysis

3/26/01 NOAA's National Ocean Service Seeks Applications For New Scholarship Program

3/23/01 April Is Tsunami Awareness Month in Hawaii

3/21/01 NOAA-16 Replaces Older Environmental Satellite

3/20/01 NOAA, NSF and Partners Study Asian Air Particles

3/19/01 NOAA Seeks Comments on U.S. Navy's Proposal to Deploy its Low Frequency Active Sonar System Worldwide

3/16/01 Special NOAA Aircraft Gauges New England Snow Pack to Predict Possible Spring Floods

3/16/01 NOAA Ship Rainier to Do Emergency Post-Earthquake Surveys in Puget Sound to Assess Underwater Landslides

3/15/01 Spring Outlook Calls for Flood Potential, Continued Drought

3/13/01 NOAA Honors John W. Hill, Aircraft Operations Center, with its First-Ever Employee of the Month Award

3/13/01 NOAA Science Advisory Board Discusses Science, Research Programs

3/13/01 Winter 2001: Cooler than normal winter in much of the U.S.; Warmest Winter on Record in Alaska; Extremely dry conditions in much of the Southeast and Northwest

3/13/01 Pennsylvania Teacher Spends Sabbatical at Sea With NOAA Studying Climate

3/12/01 National Weather Service Releases Service Assessment Report for Northwest Wildfires of 2000

3/9/01 U.S. and Canada Invite Managers and Scientists to Satellite Symposium

3/7/01 Hurricane Awareness and Outreach Are Critical to Public Safety

3/2/01 Storm Prediction Center Helps Communities Better Prepare for Threats

3/2/01 Researchers Developing Radar of the Future

3/2/01 NOAA and National Weather Service Remind Americans To Be Prepared for Tornado Season

3/1/01 Texas Droughts Extreme for past 15 Years, NOAA Reports

2/28/01 NOAA Fisheries Releases a National Plan of Action to Protect Seabirds

2/24/01 Pacific Winter Storm Experiments a Success

2/22/01 New Report Examines Causes and Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms in U.S. Waters

2/21/01 NOAA Fisheries Enforces Marine Mammal Protection Act

2/15/01 NOAA Fisheries Releases a National Plan of Action to Conserve and Manage Sharks

2/15/01 Public Meetings to Discuss Alaska Groundfish SEIS

2/15/01 Gulf of Mexico Grouper Closure to Be Closely Monitored

2/15/01 National Severe Storms Laboratory Announces Reorganization

2/15/01 Satellites and Education Conference to Be Held March 7-9, NOAA Announces

2/14/01 NOAA's National Oceanographic Data Center Celebrates 40 Years of Service

2/13/01 NOAA Works To Improve Forecasts For Winter Storms

2/13/01 NOAA fisheries website offers research and literature about effects of fishing gear on fish habitat

2/9/01 NOAA/Louisiana DNR Award Three Contracts Totaling $632,000 to Plant Marsh and Dune Vegetation on Barrier Islands

2/9/01 Researchers Try to Unravel Mystery of Air Turbulence – A Major Hazard to Aviation

2/9/01 Commerce Dept. Announces $8 Million for Habitat Projects, Calls for New National and Regional Restoration Partners

2/8/01 Red Snapper Poacher Ordered to Pay $18,000

2/8/01 Scientists Discover New Keys to Arctic Ozone Loss

2/7/01 State and Feds Improve Coordination of Alaska Coastal Zone

2/6/01 Staton Named CIO at National Weather Service

2/5/01 Is it Really Warmer Now than When You Were a Kid? Find Out on New NOAA Web Site

2/5/01 NOAA Fisheries Closes Area to Fishing for Horseshoe Crabs

2/2/01 Status of U.S. Fish Stocks Updated in NOAA Fisheries' Annual Report to Congress

2/1/01 Severe Drought Conditions/fire Danger Likely to Persist Throughout Central Florida

2/1/01 Cooperative Approach to Steller Sea Lion Research

1/31/01 Final Actions on Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Reserve Announced

1/30/01 NOAA Puts Groundhog to the Test

1/30/01 NOAA Places Desert Storm Satellite Images Online

1/30/01 NOAA Releases Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Fishery Management Plan for Coral Reef Ecosystems

1/30/01 NOAA Fisheries Seeks Public Comment on Proposed 2001 List of Fisheries

1/29/01 U.S. Commerce Department Announces Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Reserve Council

1/26/01 National Severe Weather Workshop Announced

1/26/01 NOAA Makes Splash With New Diving Manual

1/25/01 NOAA'S National Weather Service Sees the Return of La Niña Not Likely to Last

1/25/01 NOAA Fisheries Releases Alaska Groundfish Fisheries Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

1/24/01 Rear Admiral Fields of NOAA Corps Honored by Dominion Virginia Power

1/23/01 NOAA Fisheries Looks at Long-term Solutions to Minimize Sea Turtle Strandings

1/23/01 NOAA Experiment Aims to Improve Winter Storm Forecasts along West Coast

1/19/01 NOAA Fisheries Announces Emergency Rule Establishing 2001 Steller Sea Lion Protection Measures and Groundfish Harvest Specifications

1/19/01 NOAA Panel Reviews Proposals to Build New Runways at San Francisco International Airport

1/19/01 Report Examines Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Areas and Marine Resources

1/18/01 Halter Marine of Gulfport, Miss., Awarded $38.3 Million Contract to Build New Fisheries Research Ship for NOAA

1/18/01 Moratorium Extended to Prohibit Hunting of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

1/17/01 NOAA Scientist, Colleagues Honored By American Meteorological Society for Lake Forecast System

1/16/01 300 Years of Tree Ring Data Helps Colorado Water Managers Plan for Drought

1/16/01 Wealth of Environmental Data on Tap from the New England Weather Observation Network

1/16/01 21ST Century Ushers in New River Forecast Services

1/16/01 NOAA Retraces Inauguration Day Weather History

1/16/01 Robert L. Mairs Named Chief Information Officer of NOAA's National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

1/16/01 National Weather Service Proposes Modernization of Cooperative Weather Observer Program

1/16/01 New System Gives Direct Access To Weather Radar Data

1/16/01 Supercomputer Upgrade Adds More Speed, Precision To NOAA's Weather Service Forecasts

1/16/01 National Weather Service Director Looks to Future

1/16/01 Cooperators Help Boost Growth in NOAA Weather Radio

1/15/01 Frost Days Decreasing across the United States Except in Southeast, NOAA Reports

1/15/01 NOAA Exploring Student Data for Climate Studies

1/12/01 Fisheries Service Issues Draft Environmental Assessment on Makah Gray Whale Hunt, Sets Public Hearing

1/12/01 Lee Dantzler Named Director of NOAA's National Oceanographic Data Center

1/12/01 Basta Named Director of the National Marine Sanctuary Program at NOAA's National Ocean Service

1/11/01 Secretary Mineta Announces Agreement on Whaling Workshop

1/10/01 Chance of Northeast Flooding Highest in Three Years

1/10/01 NOAA Scientist and Colleague Find Extreme Climate Event...Without Even Trying

1/9/01 National Weather Service Regional Director Honored by American Meteorological Society

1/9/01 NOAA's Weather Service Signs Agreement To Improve Vietnamese River, Flood Forecasts

1/8/01 NOAA's National Weather Service Southern Region Employees to Receive National Isaac Cline Awards

1/8/01 NOAA Fisheries Takes First Step in Developing Monitoring Plan for Short-tail Albatross

1/5/01 Record Cold Grips Much of the Nation in November and December