Employment Requirements Matrix

This page contains links to employment requirements data tables. These tables are derived from input-output data, and show in each column the employment generated directly and indirectly across all industries by a million dollars production of a given industry's primary product. The data can give an indication of the relative impact of different industries' primary production. The tables are available in both nominal (current) dollar values and chain-weighted (2000 dollars) real values.

These files are available at our ftp site.

Contact: Carl Chentrens (202) 691-5697

Employment requirements tables

The data files and accompanying documentation are contained in ZIP files. A ZIP file utility is necessary to extract the files.

Notes on the files

All data files are ASCII text. Documentation files are available as both PDF and text files. Sector plans are also available as excel files. The data files are tab-delimited and contain no row or column labels. Each row of a data file is complete and contains all the columns for that row. An ASCII carriage-return character denotes the end of a given row of data. Each file contains appropriate documentation which should be consulted for specifics regarding file formats, sectoring plans, and development sources.


Last Modified Date: June 26, 2008