Factor analysis

To assist users of BLS employment projections in evaluating and understanding the sources of growth and decline for individual industries or occupations, a detailed analysis of the factors entering the projection process has been carried out. This factor analyses covers the period 2006-2016. In addition, an occupational table is provided for 2006-2016, covering wage and salary jobs only.

All of the tables contain employment percent changes caused by substituting a factor for the later year in place of the earlier year factor including residual interactions among factors. In other words, each individual column answers the question "How much would employment have changed if only this one factor had changed over the period under examination?"

These files are available at our ftp site.

Contact: Carl Chentrens (202) 691-5697

Factor analysis files

All files are located in the ZIP file called FACTOR.ZIP. A ZIP file utility is necessary to extract the files.

The file called FA_DESCRIPTION explains the derivation and uses of factor analysis using the occupational analysis as the example. This file is presented in both PDF (pdf) and plain text (txt) within the ZIP file.

  • The description of the factor analysis technique in PDF format.
  • The factor analysis tables and documentation within the ZIP file.
  • Notes on the files

    To satisfy various computer formats, the data tables are presented in both Excel and PDF formats. They are formatted to be printed in landscape mode.


    Last Modified Date: June 26, 2008