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Data/Statistical Tables

This section provides tables that present data on alcohol topics including: amounts and patterns of alcohol consumption; alcohol dependence or abuse; consequences of alcohol consumption; and other alcohol-related topics. Authoritative statistical information on alcohol-related topics is entered into the tables on a regular basis. Annual updates include United States trends on per capita alcohol consumption, alcohol-related hospital discharges, liver cirrhosis mortality, and alcohol-related fatal traffic crashes.

The data tables are html and text files, organized by topic, that can be viewed on screen and saved for further use. The list of topics contains links to pertinent data file listings below. Clicking on one of the file names will download the file for display on your screen. While the file is displayed on your computer screen, you can save the file using the capabilities of your browsing software. The text files in are formatted by using spaces to line up columns of data. If you use a word processing program to read your saved files and the columns of data do not display or print correctly, set the font to Courier or another monospace font.




Updated:  July 2006

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