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Steps to Choosing Long-Term Care

  Steps to Choosing Long-Term Care Resources  
  Overview | Step 1: Assess Your Needs | Step 2: Research Financing and Care Choices 
 | Step 3: Find What Is Right For You | Right Arrow Step 4: Visit Your Available Options 

Before you make a final decision about long-term care, call and ask for information about the program or facility. Visit the places you are interested in. These places can be assisted living communities, services in senior centers, housing programs, nursing homes, and other programs. Make an appointment to talk to the program coordinator or care supervisor before you visit. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

When you visit, look around carefully. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Talk to staff, residents, and family members if you can. Ask them if they are satisfied with the facility or program and its services.

After your visit, ask yourself the following questions:

Did they listen to me and make me feel comfortable?
Did I get to ask all my questions?
Did they give me answers I understood?
Are the program staffs respectful and helpful?
Does the facility or program meet my needs?
Does the facility offer activity programs that I enjoy?
Is the facility/setting clean and pleasant?
What are the facility/program fees?________
Can I afford them?

For more information about the quality of nursing homes and home health agencies in your area, look at the Nursing Home Compare and Home Health Compare sections on this website.

Page Last Updated: April 10, 2007

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