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Core Facilities

Research at NIEHS - Division of Intramural Research

NIEHS has core facilities that help its intramural scientists perform their research. Although non-NIEHS scientists cannot use these laboratories to carry out experiments, the core facility websites provide links to protocols and other valuable information that may assist researchers in carrying out their own studies. Please see the following pages for more information.

  • Cellular & Molecular Pathology( provides several core facilities and services

  • Comparative Medicine Branch( manages the NIEHS Animal Care and Use Program and provides professional advice to the institute on important animal issues

  • DNA Sequencing( uses biochemical methods to determine the order of nucleotide bases in DNA samples

  • Flow Cytometry( furnishes instrumentation and resources for fluorescent analysis of cells at the single cell level, including high-speed fluorescence-activated cell sorting

  • Fluorescence Microscopy & Imaging Center( supplies digitized images of fluorescent cells using confocal microscopy as well as other types of 3D cellular imaging

  • Knockout Mice( produces targeted transgenic mice

  • Microarrays( incorporates genome-wide gene expression analysis using microarray and gene expression analysis technologies

  • Molecular Genetics( performs molecular genetics and screening of candidate genes and gene regions

  • Protein Expression( offers guidance in protein expression from initial plasmid construction through expression optimization and protein purification

  • Protein Microcharacterization( provides mass spectrometry support

  • Scientific Computing Lab( coordinates Information Technology (IT) services

  • Statistical Consulting Service( provides advice regarding study design and data analysis

  • Technology Transfer Office( provides scientific research agreements which may be required for a specific research project

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