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Kuroshio Extension Observatory (KEO)
The KEO buoy
The 2007 KEO buoy
The NOAA Kuroshio Extension Observatory (KEO) moored buoy is located in the recirculation gyre south of the Kuroshio Extension at 144.6°E, 32.4°N. KEO's first deployment was in June 2004 in conjunction with the Kuroshio Extension System Study (KESS). In February 2007, JAMSTEC deployed the JAMSTEC-KEO (JKEO) moored buoy north of the Kuroshio Extension at 37.9°N, 146.6°E.

Both KEO and JKEO carry a suite of meteorological sensors to measure winds, air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and solar and longwave radiation; subsurface sensors to monitor upper ocean temperature, salinity, and currents; and carbon flux packages to monitor the uptake of carbon by the ocean. Both KEO and JKEO are part of the global network of OceanSITES time series reference sites.

KEO Lead
: Dr. Meghan Cronin NOAA / PMEL
KEO Lead Engineer: Mr. Christian Meinig NOAA / PMEL
KEO Lead Carbon Scientist: Dr. Christopher Sabine NOAA / PMEL

The KEO time series reference site is sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Climate Observations (OCO).
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