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Yucca Mountain Review Plan

Key Topics

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* Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
* Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel
* Diablo Canyon ISFSI License Application

Nuclear Waste ImageRadioactive Waste

Find the locations of low-level waste disposal, high-level waste disposal, and uranium milling facilities.

Regulated Waste

  • Low-level waste (LLW) includes radioactively contaminated protective clothing, tools, filters, rags, medical tubes, and many other items
  • High-level waste (HLW) is "irradiated" or used nuclear reactor fuel
  • Uranium mill tailings are the residues remaining after the processing of natural ore to extract uranium and thorium

NRC does not regulate all sources of radioactivity; see Who Regulates Radioactive Materials and Radiation Exposure for details.

Regulated Activities

For general information, see the How We Regulate page. For details, see the following:

Regulation of some activities associated with radioactive waste is covered under either the Nuclear Materials or Nuclear Reactors regulatory programs. For example, regulation of uranium mill waste is covered under the Nuclear Materials program. (See Uranium Milling under Fuel Cycle Facilities.)


The Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards has overall responsibility for NRC’s radioactive waste regulation program and NRC's Regional Offices (Region I - Northeast, Region II - Southeast, Region III - Midwest, and Region IV - West/Southwest) implement these programs in the states for which they are responsible. Regulation of low-level waste disposal is regulated by both the NRC and Agreement States. Waste regulation is also supported by a Radioactive Waste Safety Research program and by independent advice from the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste.

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