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  What is La Niña?
What is El Niño?
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Impacts of El Niño
Benefits of El Niño prediction
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  Normal Conditions  
      El Niño and Normal and La Niña conditions  
What is happening now?    

Latest information about El Niño
Realtime data, products and analyses
List of impacts and prediction benefits
3D Animation of El Niño temperatures
More El Niño animations and graphics

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      Pacific equatorial sea surface temperatures (animations)
Where can I find data on El Niño?    
  TAO moored buoy data
Warm Water Volume New!
Realtime data, products & analyses
XBT data
Drifting buoy data
Sea level field analyses
Satellite data
Climate data
Numerical model simulations
Ka'Imimoana shipboard data
  Equatorial Pacific water and sst temperatures under normal conditions  
      Normal, El Niño and Developing La Niña  
El Niño to blame?  
El Niño and wildfires shadow
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El Niño and drought shadow

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