GOES8 image.

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World Data Center

Solar - Terrestrial Physics

SPIDR Space Physics Interactive Data Resource -- retrieve many STP data sets interactively!
Solar & Upper Atmosphere Data that range from the surface of the Sun to the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. (SGD Online)
Ionosphere Soundings of the charged atmosphere.
Geomagnetism Ground based measurements of the geomagnetic field.
GOES SEM Energetic particle, X-ray, & magnetic field measurements at geosynchronous altitude.
GOES SXI Solar X-ray Imager - First images now available!
NOAA/POES Energetic particle measurements at polar-orbit altitude.
DMSP Cloud imagery, city lights, fires, energetic particles.
Dynasonde Real-time Ionospheric Explorer by advanced and prototype analysis methods.
Natural Hazards Natural hazards slide sets, tropical cyclone images, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, wildfire.