GOES18 image.

GOES satellites carry onboard a Space Environment Monitor subsystem that measures X-rays, Energetic Particles and the Magnetic Field at the spacecraft.

GOES Space Environment Monitor

  • GOES SEM data plots (1986 - last month) in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
  • GOES SEM 5-min and 1-min averages (1986 - last month) in self-documenting text files.
  • GOES SEM full-resolution data (1975 - 1996) in FITS binary tables, with extraction software
This list of energetic particle events is prepared by the Space Environment Center.
The Space Environment Center maintains a historical status page for GOES SEM data.
This document describes all aspects of the GOES-8 thourgh GOES-12 satellite series.
Time averaged data are available interactively via SPIDR.
Historical data quality issues are discussed.
The NORAD ortital elements for GOES are available from CelestraK.
Overview of the GOES SEM mission.
Here you can find several custom plots. There are also links to the Spacecraft Anomaly Database files.
You can view these data in real time by visiting the Space Environment Center.

GOES SEM data can also be ordered on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM for a nominal charge.