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NOTE: Please be aware that any comments that you submit to the NRC will be considered a public record and entered into the agency's electronic recordkeeping system. For information about how NRC handles your comments, see our Privacy Policy.

Documents for Comment

NRC affords the public opportunities to comment on proposed rules and policies, licensing actions, and draft technical documents. Notice of an opportunity to comment will be announced in the Federal Register exit icon, here on the Documents for Comment page, and sometimes through press releases.

Types of documents open for comment:

Rulemaking-Related Documents

NRC began managing rulemaking-related actions on the government-wide exit icon website in January 2008.  The public can submit comments on NRC rulemaking actions through that website.

  • Search for all Rules Open for Comment

To find all rules open for comment:

    • From the exit icon home page, type "NRC" in the field under the "Comment or Submission" section and select Go.

    • Use the Narrow Results menu on the left-hand side of the screen to refine your search.
  • Search for a Specific Rule or Action

Depending on how much information you know about the rule, try the following search techniques:

If you know the title or subject of the action, enter the title or keywords in the field under the "Search" section and select Go.

If you know the Docket or Document ID number, choose the "Advanced Docket Search" or "Advanced Document Search" under the "More Search Options" section and select Click Here.

See also NRC’s Rulemaking Dockets.

  • Get Email Updates allows users to set up notifications when documents are added to a rulemaking docket (e.g., a proposed rule or a meeting notice) is added to a docket. You must register for notifications for every rule you're interested in. To do so, search for the regulation and then choose "Notification," found under the title of each action.

General information about Notifications exit icon

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  • Additional Suggestions

Selecting "User Tips" (under "How to Use This Site" on the left-hand side of the home page) will display a list of helpful topics, including new site features and detailed instructions.

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Licensing-Related Documents

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Other Documents

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