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Clinical Trials
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The VRC conducts clinical trials to evaluate promising HIV, Biodefense and Re-Emerging Infectious Disease vaccine candidates.

If you are interested in volunteering to participate in a clinical trial, please call us at 1-866-833-LIFE (5433) or e-mail us at VRCforlife@mail.nih.gov. We will send you information about our clinical trials and follow up with you to answer any questions.

Once you agree to participate, we will follow the steps below.

Informed Consent

* You will have an initial interview
* We will tell you about the study in detail
* We will answer any questions you have to make sure that you understand everything involved with participating in our trial
* You will read and sign a consent form for the study

Eligibility Screening

* We will ask you to complete a health questionnaire
* You will receive a clinical exam that includes blood tests and a physical exam


* Over the period of a few weeks or months (depending on the trial) you will receive a vaccination or a series of vaccinations
* You will be asked to keep a record of any physical reaction you have to the vaccine
* We will monitor the effects of the vaccine through periodic blood tests
* You will also receive physical examinations while you are participating in the trial

For more information on recruitment for VRC clinical trials, please read the VRC Philosophy for Volunteer Recruitment.


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