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Locations of Uranium Milling Facilities

Uranium Milling Facilities

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Uranium Milling Facilities


Site Name/Location

In Situ Leach Facilities

Cogema Mining, Inc.

Irigaray/Christensen Ranch, Wyoming

Power Resources, Inc.

Smith Ranch-Highlands, Wyoming

Crow Butte Resources, Inc.

Crow Butte, Nebraska

Hydro Resources, Inc.

Crown Point, New Mexico

Conventional Uranium Milling Facilities*

Umetco Minerals Corp.

Gas Hills, Wyoming

Western Nuclear, Inc.

Split Rock, Wyoming

Pathfinder Mines Corp.

Lucky Mc, Wyoming

American Nuclear Corp.

ANC, Wyoming

Pathfinder Mines Corp.

Shirley Basin, Wyoming

Exxon Mobil Corp.

Highlands, Wyoming

Bear Creek Uranium Co.

Bear Creek, Wyoming

Kennecott Uranium Co.

Sweetwater, Wyoming

Homestake Mining Co.

Homestake, New Mexico

Rio Algom Mining LLC

Ambrosia Lake, New Mexico

United Nuclear Corp.

Churchrock, New Mexico

*All but the Kennecott Uranium Company, Sweetwater, Wyoming mill are in decommissioning.

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Related Information

NRC staff from the Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch meet annually with the National Mining Association to exchange information. The workshop is attended by uranium recovery licensees, staff of State and Federal agencies, and the public. For more information, see the presentations from the April 29-30, 2008 workshop @ ML081500503

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