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"Science and technology have never been more essential to the defense of the nation and the health of our economy..."

President George W. Bush

The Office of Science and Technology Policy advises the President on the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs. The office serves as a source of scientific and technological analysis and judgment for the President with respect to major policies, plans and programs of the Federal Government. OSTP leads an interagency effort to develop and implement sound science and technology policies and budgets. The office works with the private sector to ensure Federal investments in science and technology contribute to economic prosperity, environmental quality, and national security. Learn more »

 Latest Report

OSTP-CEA letter on EPA's Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking "Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emmissions under the Clean Air Act"

The Council of Economic Advisers and the Office of Science and Technology Policy discuss the complexities associated with the phenomenon of anthropogenic climate change that distinguish it from traditionally regulated phenomena and the likely consequences for public welfare of various proposals for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.    Read More