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Radioactive Waste
Regulated Waste:
Low-Level Waste
High-Level Waste
Uranium Mill Tailings
Regulated Activities:
Low-Level Waste Disposal
High-Level Waste Disposal
Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel
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Spent Fuel Project Office - Licensing Process Conference
Regulatory Initiatives
Draft Schedules for Rulemakings to Amend Part 72.214 for Dry Storage Casks
Interim Staff Guidance for Public Comment
* Diablo Canyon ISFSI License Application

Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

What We Regulate

There are two acceptable storage methods for spent fuel after it is removed from the reactor core:

  • Spent Fuel Pools - Currently, most spent nuclear fuel is safely stored in specially designed pools at individual reactor sites around the country.
  • Dry Cask Storage - If pool capacity is reached, licensees may move toward use of above-ground dry storage casks.

How We Regulate

The NRC regulates spent fuel through a combination of regulatory requirements, licensing; safety oversight, including inspection, assessment of performance; and enforcement; operational experience evaluation; and regulatory support activities. For general information, see the How We Regulate page. For details, see the following:

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