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Site Disclaimer

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) provides access to the information and material on this site as a service to the public. The NRC regularly updates and adds information to this Web site. However, because we do not know how you are using the information found on this Web site, we do not make any warranties (express or implied) about the information in the NRC Web site for your particular use.

Information generated by the NRC or developed under an NRC contract is not copyrighted, unless indicated otherwise. Non-copyrighted material can be reproduced without permission; citation of the NRC as the source of the information is appreciated. Permission to reproduce any copyrighted material (including photos or graphics) must be obtained from the original source.

NRC provides links to non-NRC servers and Web sites solely as a reference for the convenience of users. These links are identified with exit icon icons. NRC cannot guarantee the authenticity of documents or the validity of information obtained at these non-NRC Web sites. These links do not imply any official endorsement of, or responsibility for, the opinions, data, or products available at these locations. It is also the user’s responsibility to take precautionary steps to ensure that information accessed at or downloaded from such sites is free of viruses, worms, or other potentially destructive software programs.

Web addresses at our site may change periodically because information has been moved, deleted, or reorganized. When this occurs, the old addresses are no longer accurate. When you use an old address, you will get a Page Not Found screen. It will provide you with several ways of finding out about the missing page, such as contacting the agency's Public Document Room or Web staff. It also directs you to a variety of information locator options: the site Search Engine, the site Subject Index, and the Site Map.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007