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Behavioral Health

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To support the unique balance, resiliency, and strength of our American Indian and Alaska Native cultures, we at the Indian Health Service Division of Behavioral Health strive to support tribal and urban Native communities to eliminate behavioral health diseases and conditions; beyond elimination of these, the Division strives to promote health, resilience, and strength in all our communities.


  • To improve the overall health care of American Indian and Alaska Native individuals, families, villages, communities, and tribes,
  • To reduce the prevalence and incidence of alcoholism and other drug dependencies,
  • To reduce the prevalence and incidence of behavioral health diseases and conditions,
  • To maximize positive behavioral health and resiliency in individuals, families, and communities,
  • To support the efforts of American Indian and Alaska Native communities toward achieving excellence in holistic behavioral health treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention services for individuals and their families,
  • To advocate for and support tribal behavioral health treatment and prevention efforts,
  • To promote the capacity for self-determination and self-governance, and
  • To advocate for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and service providers by actively participating in professional, regulatory, educational, and community organizations at the national, state, urban, and tribal levels.

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