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Fuel Cycle Facilities

Locations of Fuel Cycle Facilities

Major U.S. Fuel Cycle Facilities

Licensee Location
Uranium Fuel Fabrication Facilities
Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas, LLC Wilmington, North Carolina
Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC Columbia, South Carolina
Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. Erwin, Tennessee
AREVA NP, Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia
BWX Technologies, Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia
AREVA NP, Inc. Richland, Washington
Uranium Hexafluoride Production (Conversion) Facility
Honeywell International, Inc. Metropolis, Illinois
Gaseous Diffusion Enrichment Facilities
U.S. Enrichment Corporation Paducah, Kentucky
U.S. Enrichment Corporation (cold standby) Piketon, Ohio
Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Facilities
USEC Inc. (construction) Piketon, Ohio
Louisiana Energy Services (construction) Hobbs, New Mexico
Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facilities
Shaw AREVA Mox Services Aiken, South Carolina

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Friday, February 01, 2008