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DHS Partners

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) partners with citizens, businesses, and other government agencies in a wide variety of ways, including forming and implementing public-private partnerships, and providing technical assistance and training, grants and loans. Private citizens can utilize where they can learn about citizen preparedness in case of a national emergency. Citizen Corps, DHS’s grassroots program, makes information and training available on a local level to communities and local emergency responders.

On the business front, Open For Business assists the business community with centralized information including links to contracts, grants, small business opportunities, research, development and contacts with the department.

Other government and law enforcement entities can work with DHS in a number of ways. Within DHS, ICE's Federal Protective Service’s (FPS) Criminal Investigations Program partners with DHS agencies as well as federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, enabling it to accomplish its criminal investigations mission in a mutual environment that increases its value, efficiency and information sharing. This aids the overall DHS and specific FPS mission of protecting federal property, employees and visitors.

The Web site provides links to local homeland security offices and grant allocation, a listing of grant opportunities, a state-by-state list of homeland security and emergency services, and links to agencies that are part of DHS. A number of agency resources include the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Emergency Management Institute, and the Office for Domestic Preparedness.

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