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  • Communities Can Speed Stroke Care
  • Health Highlights: Oct. 9, 2007

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    American Red Cross Chapters and Web Sites  External Links Disclaimer Logo
    Browse a list of American Red Cross chapters which offer Web sites or search for the chapter nearest you. The Red Cross gives health and safety training to the public and provides emergency social ser... Details >
    American Red Cross, National Headquarters
    Board Certified Emergency Physician Database   External Links Disclaimer Logo
    This database consists of hospitals with emergency departments that are staffed by at least one board certified emergency physician 24 hours a day. ... Details >
    American Board of Emergency Medicine
    Divers Alert Network Emergency Hotline  External Links Disclaimer Logo
    DAN's medical staff is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to handle diving emergencies such as decompression sickness, arterial gas embolism, pulmonary barotrauma, or other serious diving-relate... Details >
    Divers Alert Network
    Diving Medicine Frequently Asked Questions  External Links Disclaimer Logo
    This page links to most frequently asked questions about diving medicine and different health conditions, including aging, cardiovascular (heart), decompression illness, and women issues.... Details >
    Divers Alert Network
    Emergency Medical Service  External Links Disclaimer Logo
    This document introduces people specially trained to help you or someone you know, when sick or injured and in need of emergency help.... Details >
    American College of Emergency Physicians
    How To Use the 911 Emergency Telephone System  External Links Disclaimer Logo
    Also available in: Spanish  External Links Disclaimer Logo
    The United States has decided to use the telephone number 911 for emergency response services. This number may be dialed for free from any telephone when an emergency response is required.... Details >
    Healthy Roads Media
    Journal of Emergency Medical Services  External Links Disclaimer Logo
    JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services) is the independent voice for the improvement of patient care in the prehospital setting. Through news, commentary and educational features focused on basic... Details >
    Commercial Entity--Follow the Resource URL for More Information
    National Academies of Emergency Dispatch Home Page   External Links Disclaimer Logo
    This page provides information on how to promote safe and effective emergency dispatch services world-wide. Comprised of three allied Academies for medical, fire and police dispatching. Supports first... Details >
    National Academies of Emergency Dispatch
    National Heart Attack Alert Program
    The National Heart Attack Alert Program (NHAAP) was launched in June 1991 and is the newest of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's (NHLBI) national education programs. The NHAAP has the ov... Details >
    National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health
    Public Education: Emergency Assistance   External Links Disclaimer Logo
    This page provides information on medical emergencies; when to call 9-1-1, what to expect and what to do before help arrives. ... Details >
    National Academies of Emergency Dispatch
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    Drug Abuse Warning Network, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
    Emergency Services and Disaster Relief Branch, Center for Mental Health ServicesExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
    National Audiovisual Center, U.S. Department of Commerce
    National Disaster Medical System, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
    American Board of Emergency MedicineExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
    American Red Cross, National HeadquartersExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
    American Trauma SocietyExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
    Divers Alert NetworkExternal Links Disclaimer Logo

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