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Radioactive Waste
Regulated Waste:
Low-Level Waste
High-Level Waste
Uranium Mill Tailings
Regulated Activities:
Low-Level Waste Disposal
High-Level Waste Disposal
Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel
Quick Links:
Waste Quick Links

Radioactive Waste Quick Links

Other Quick Links: Materials | Reactors
Waste Facility Information
Proposed High-Level Waste Repository
Low-Level Waste Storage Facilities
Spent Fuel Storage Facilities
Regulations, Guidance, and Communication
Current Regulations Rulemaking Resources Guidance
Licensing and Certification
High-Level Waste Disposal
Inspection and Assessment Enforcement Allegations
Operational Experience
Event Information Generic Issues
  • A Prioritization of Generic Safety Issues (NUREG-0933)
Radiation Protection and Emergency Response

Radiation Protection

Incident Response

Support for Decisions
Research Adjudication Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste (ACNW)
Administrative Information

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