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News Release

September 10, 2008

Contact: Peter Graves


Initiative Designed to Streamline the Federal Hiring Process

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Deputy Director Howard Weizmann today unveiled OPM's new End-to-End Hiring Roadmap, an initiative designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of the Federal hiring process. The Roadmap was developed in partnership with the Chief Human Capital Officers Council (CHCO) Subcommittee for Hiring and Succession Planning.

"This new Roadmap is designed to focus on the applicant," Deputy Director Weizmann said. "From recruitment techniques to orientation, the hiring process must conform with the expectations of those who wish to join the Federal government."

The End-to-End Hiring Roadmap was designed based on the assumption that applicants for Federal positions expect a simple and easy to understand application; timely updates regarding application status; and a window of no more than 2.5 months within which an applicant starts the job.

The Roadmap integrates five key components of the hiring process, including Workforce Planning; Recruitment; Hiring; Security and Suitability; and Orientation.

To ease the process for job applicants, the Roadmap calls for shorter job announcements, written in plain language, and the elimination of the cumbersome Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) narratives typically required along with a resume.

When fully implemented, the hiring process itself is expected to take no more than 25 business days from the date a job announcement closes, to the date a tentative job offer is made - a twenty-day improvement over previous OPM goals.

For agencies, the Roadmap will assist in planning for mission requirements; posting jobs quicker; ensuring recruitment initiatives are targeting the right people; increasing the timeliness of security background investigations; and orientating new employees once hired.

"Essentially, this Roadmap recognizes that prospective applicants will not wait forever for a Federal job," Weizmann said. "The goal of this standard is within two-and-a-half months, agencies will have the right person on the job to meet their mission needs. We are confident that over time, agencies will embrace this standard for most hiring decisions."

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