Healthy People Consortium Meeting and Public Hearing
"Building the Next Generation of Healthy People"
November 12 and 13, 1998
Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.

Physical Activity and Fitness

Healthy People 2010 Structure
  1. Placement of the focus area was discussed and no one had problems with where it was located. There were some suggestions to make it easier to find other focus areas thatn included physical activity, such as adding narrative (or the wording of the objective) to the links that are already noted on page 1-19.
  1. For developmental objectives it was suggested that the measurement parameters be identified (i.e., numerators and denominators) even though the data are not yet available. This would allow states and communities to begin to align their data systems.
  1. Another suggestion was that NCHS (in collaboration with organizations) assist in setting measurement criteria. Also NCHS could play a role in helping to identify other data sources or data elements that could be used in tracking objectives.

Discussion of Health People 2010 Chapter Objectives

  1. • Under Terminology, add definitions for the following words: strength, vigorous, sustained, moderate activity.
  2. • Under Overview, some wording should be included that describes the fact that increased aerobic capacity has benefits on morbidity and mortality independent of its effect on other risk factors. Also there should be more explanation of why leisure-time rather than occupational activity is the behavior to be tracked. Some discussion of physical disability should also be included in the overview.
  3. • The Progress Review section was important to leave in because it gave some historical data and continuity to the process. However, there were some suggestions as to how to improve the flow of the wording. These suggestions included reordering the objectives by success ("met/exceeded" "stayed the same" and "moved away from target") and make all of the comparisons in the same direction (i.e., early period to later period). It was also suggested that there be some note as to where the objective was located in the HP 2010 document or if it was dropped (not all previous objectives stayed in the Physical Activity and Fitness focus area). If an electronic version is planned, then "hot links" can take people to the objective. After all of these suggestions, it seemed that a table would be the best format for this section. This, of course, would have to be standardized for all of the focus areas.
  • For objective 2, there was much discussion of dealing with the issue of moderate, accumulated and sustained physical activity. Issues of intensity and type need to be better described and done so consistently.
  • For objectives on young people, more information is needed on 5-8 year old children.
  • In objective 10, need to clarify the definition for quantity of PE which is not necessarily synonymous with quality as denoted in this objective.
  • In objective 13, a definition or additional clarification was recommended for what constitutes a worksite program.
  • In objective 14, add a breakdown for children aged 6-17 years.

Christine Spain, President's Council for PA & Sports, Facilitator
Carol Macera, CDC, Physical Activity Branch, Recorder

Mary Wachacha, Indian Health Service, 828-497-5030
Kelly Wordward, USAF/Johns Hopkins, 301-443-1054
Laura Gladwin, Aerobic & Fitness Assoc. of America, 800-446-2322
Anthony Sgherza, Richard Stockton College of NJ, 609-748-6017
Maureen Storey, Georgetown Center for Food & Nutrition Policy, 202-965-6400
Jim Whitehead, American College of Sports Medicine, Nat'l Coalition for Promoting Phys Act, 317-637-9200
Judith C. Young, Nat Assoc for Sports & PE/AAHPERD, 703-476-3412
Moira Saucer, The Sugar Association, 202-785-1122, x19
Dana Schneider, ILSI Research Foundation, 770-455-9435
Clem Bezold, Institute for Alternative Futures, 703-604-5880
Barbara Schneeman, American Heart Assn, 214-706-1175
Allen Wicken, American Physical Therapy Assn, 703-706-3173
Barbara Moore, Shape Up America!, 301-493-5368

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