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K-12 Selected Educational Resources

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ALEARN - Alabama schools aquatic science programs for the classroom Globe symbol indicating offsite link Includes specific references to aquaculture

Aquaculture Education Programs Globe symbol indicating offsite link This l ist is maintained by Arizona aquaculture education staff and includes Arizona High School contact information.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Arizona Globe symbol indicating offsite link

BRIDGE - Sea Grant Ocean Sciences Education Center  Globe symbol indicating offsite link Virginia Institute of Marine Science and College of William and Mary online resources for marine science education. Includes lesson plans, tools for students and also an email list called Scuttlebut.

Digital Library for Earth System Education [DLESE] Globe symbol indicating offsite link A free service funded by the National Science Foundation

Environmental Education Grants from EPA

High School Programswith with an aquaculture slant   Globe symbol indicating offsite link Alphabetical list by state maintained by the Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center

National Council for Agricultural Education Globe symbol indicating offsite link
"With funding administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), The Council continues to assist teachers of all levels of experience to infuse aquaculture through the development of top quality instructional materials and by providing exceptional inservice training opportunities."

NOAA Central Library Teachers and Students Corner. "The WINDandSEA Teachers and Students Corner. This site provides links to over 100 NOAA educational sites as well as links to many other Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric educational sites."

NOAA Central Library's Photosite page for Educators and students. Links to photo sites within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration organization

Photos from the Bridgeport High School Aquaculture Program

Sea Grant Education Resources and Sea Grant Research|Outreach|Education Globe symbol indicating offsite link  Websites on programs across the nation.

Other Federal sites related to education in the marine sciences:

Office of Protected Resources - Education   "The Office of Protected Resources works in cooperation with NOAA Fisheries Regions and Science Centers to provide educational experiences and materials for students, education professionals, and the public about the conservation and protection of marine species."


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