Healthy People Consortium Meeting and Public Hearing
"Building the Next Generation of Healthy People"
November 12 and 13, 1998
Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.


  1. It is important to get a flavor for comprehensiveness of each chapter. It was recommended that the Related Objectives be placed in the front of each chapter. Since there are so many objectives that may be relevant and are not included in the chapters, it is good to see them up front as "related objectives."
  2. Better than the best discussion--these may not be achievable. It is not always straightforward. May need to reconsider some of them.


  1. For developmental objectives, there should be some text on how targets should be set.
  2. "Better than best" method of target setting needs development and there needs to be consistent documentation of target setting across chapters.
  3. 17-13 Skin cancer counseling should be included in the objective along with sun damage and sun protection.
  4. Lung cancer objective should be broken out into male and female categories.
  5. Nutrition and tobacco should be referenced in front of cancer chapter as to where they appear in other 2010 chapters.
  6. Move related areas to the front of the chapter.
  7. Recommend that you put as much detail into the test as possible regarding risk factors.


Rob Fulwood (301) 496-0554 NHLBI, Chap. 20, 24
Barry Portnoy (301) 496-9569 NCI, Chap. 17
Dominic Chow (410) 955-3630 Johns Hopkins, Chap. 20
Edith Sternberg (217) 785-2060 IL. Dept. of P.H., Chap. 17, 20
Margaret Stapleton (502) 564-3418 KY Dept. of PH
Angela Sharpe (202) 842-3525 Consortium of Social Science Associations
Richard Klein NCHS
Bruce Black (404) 329-7716 Am. Ca. Soc., Chap. 17
Robert Rolfs (801) 538-6035 Utah Dept. of Health, Chap. 17, 20, 24
Barbara Schneeman (214) 706-1175 AHA, Chap. 20
Rolondo A. Andrew amer@ Assoc
Perri Bomar (910) 962-3784 Univ. of North Carolina at Wilmington, Chap. 8, 20
Ronald White (202) 785-3355 Am. Lung Assoc., Chap. 24
Sharon Hipkins (202) 466-7643 Asthma & Allergy Found. of Am. Chap. 24
Claris C. Davis (301) 496-5343 NHLBI, Chap. 20, 24, 17
Clem Bezold (703) 684-5880 IAF, Chap. 17
Millicent Gorham (202) 393-6870 Nat. Black Nurses Association, Chap. 20
Jacquilyn German (404) 582-8777 Assoc. of Black Cardiologists, Inc. Chap. 20


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