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Realtime TAO Buoy Data Display using Java

This is a document with an embedded Java (tm) applet. You need a Java capable browser to view. To see what this applet looks like go to this demonstration page.

The realtime data are received daily via satellite from the TAO buoy array in the Tropical Pacific Ocean.

The applet reads and plots the realtime tao meteorological data files. This applet demonstrates the ability to interactively display data located on a remote server at PMEL.

This applet uses the Scientific Graphics Toolkit (sgt). The toolkit provides scientific graphics objects incorporating zooming and object editing.

Mouse Down, Drag, Up
By pressing the mouse button and dragging it across the screen the scale of the plot can be altered. With the release of the mouse button the plot is redrawn using the new scale. This can be used to zoom in on a section of the plot. Data outside the plot is clipped.

Control Mouse Down
By pressing the control key and the mouse the plot is rescaled back to the default scale of the data.

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14 March 1996