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News Releases l Advisories

The following is a list of the most recent NIAAA News Releases and Advisories for 2005 and 2008. To view older items, please use the date searching feature below.


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July 2008
  •   Micro RNA Implicated As Molecular Factor in Alcohol Tolerance
    April 2008
  •   Kenneth Warren Named NIAAA Deputy Director
  •   Pediatricians Alerted to the Developmental Nature of Underage Drinking in Special Journal Supplement
  •   Online Video Program Trains Clinicians to Help Patients Who Drink Too Much
  •   Scientists Link Chromatin Modifications with Alcohol Withdrawal Anxiety
  •   Scientists Find Genetic Factor in Stress Response Variability
    March 2008
  •   Quantity and Frequency of Drinking Influence Mortality Risk
    February 2008
  •   Brain Stress System Presents Possible Treatment Target for Alcohol Dependence
  •   Gene Variant Predicts Medication Response in Patients with Alcohol Dependence
    December 2007
  •   Brief Intervention Helps Emergency Patients Reduce Drinking
  •   Scientists Identify Gene That Influences Alcohol Consumption
    October 2007
  •   Statement of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism on Topiramate Clinical Trial by Johnson, et al. JAMA 10/10/07
    September 2007
  •   Two NIH Institutes Share Emmy Award for HBO’s The Addiction Project
    July 2007
  •   Alcohol Survey Reveals 'Lost Decade' Between Ages of Disorder Onset and Treatment
    June 2007
  •   Researchers Identify Alcoholism Subtypes
  •   Gene Variant Increases Risk for Alcoholism Following Childhood Abuse
    March 2007
  •   NIH Partners with HBO on Groundbreaking Documentary on Addiction
  •   Study Advances Evidence for Receptor's Role in Alcohol Pleasure and Problems
    February 2007
  •   Study Finds Reduced Brain Growth in Alcoholics with Family Drinking History
    January 2007
  •   News Advisory: Updated Guide Offers Clinicians New Tools to Help Patients With Alcohol Problems
  •   NIH Radio Interview with Dr. Mark Willenbring on Updated Clinician's Guide
    October 2006
  •   Fruit Fly Study Identifies Gene Mutation That Regulates Sensitivity to Alcohol
  •   Study Links Receptor to Stress-Induced Alcohol Relapse
    September 2006
  •   Early Alcohol Dependence Linked to Reduced Treatment Seeking and Chronic Relapse
  •   The Wrong Road Early--An Interview with Dr. Ralph Hingson and HHS Healthbeat
    July 2006
  •   Early Drinking Linked to Higher Lifetime Alcoholism Risk
    May 2006
  •   "Rethinking Alcohol Use Disorders: Science, Diagnosis, Treatment and Policy" -- NIAAA Track at APA Annual Meeting Press Briefing
  •   Naltrexone or Specialized Alcohol Counseling an Effective Treatment for Alcohol Dependence When Delivered with Medical Management
    April 2006
  •   Study Reveals New Genes for Excessive Alcohol Drinking
    March 2006
  •   NIH Researchers Identify OCD Risk Gene
  •   Same Genes May Underlie Alcohol and Nicotine Co-Abuse
    February 2006
  •   Study Links Diet Quality with Alcohol Drinking Patterns
    October 2005
  •   Researchers Shed Light on Anxiety and Alcohol Intake
  •   National Survey Sharpens Picture of Major Depression Among U.S. Adults
    August 2005
  •   Finding May Explain Link Between Alcohol and Certain Cancers
    July 2005
  •   NIAAA Issues New Clinician's Guide for Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much
    June 2005
  •   Adult Antisocial Syndrome Common Among Substance Abusers
    April 2005
  •   Community Efforts Can Reduce Alcohol Fatalities
  •   Make Your Own Luck on 7th National Alcohol Screening Day: April 7th Marks 7th Annual Event
    March 2005
  •   College Alcohol Problems Exceed Previous Estimates
    February 2005
  •   Study Associates Alcohol Use Patterns With Body Mass Index
    January 2005
  •   2001-2002 Survey Finds that Many Recover from Alcoholism: Researchers Identify Factors Associated with Abstinent and Non-Abstinent Recovery
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