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Use this form to report catalog and authority record errors found in the Library of Congress Online Catalog (, Z39.50 access to the online catalog or Library of Congress Authorities ( Be as specific as possible and supply information for all required fields (marked with an asterisk *).
Please read before reporting errors to the Library:
If you see a Projected Publication Date field in the record, it is a pre-publication record, and changes cannot be made until the Library receives and processes the item (view more information on pre-publication records).



Asterisk (*) indicates
field is

Note: The Library of Congress Legal Notices page explains how email is treated with regard to privacy.

About pre-publication records:
Pre-publication records are based on information provided by the publisher in advance of publication. These records can be identified by the presence of a Projected Pub. Date field in the record displays. The Library has not yet received these books. When the Library receives one of these books, the record will be compared against the book and needed changes will be made. Until that time, only publishers can request changes be made to pre-publication records, as these changes may affect data that are printed in the book. Publishers who wish to make changes to their pre-publication records should fill out a change request through the Cataloging in Publication system or the Pre-Assigned Control Number system, whichever was used originally to apply for pre-publication data.

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