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Phoenix Area- Committed to Caring

Welcome to the Phoenix Area IHS web site!

The Phoenix Area Indian Health Service (PAIHS) Office in Phoenix, Arizona, oversees the delivery of health care to approximately 140,000 Native American users in the tri-state area of Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Phoenix Area- serving Arizona, Nevada, and Utah
Detailed map view all in PDF: AZ [67KB], NV [114KB], UT [83KB], and Service Units [322KB]

Services are comprehensive and range from primary care (inpatient & outpatient) to tertiary care and specialty services. In addition, dental services; behavioral health; public health nursing; health education; and environmental health services are provided. The services are provided through nine service units located throughout the tri-state area. The Phoenix Area works closely with the forty (40) tribes within the tri-state area in providing health care services.

There are three urban programs, Reno, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix, within the Area; and two tribal organizations that the PAIHS works with closely, the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona and the Inter Tribal Council of Nevada.

There is a Regional Youth Treatment Center that serves both Phoenix Area and Tucson Area located at Sacaton, Arizona, called the Desert Visions Youth Wellness Center. The Center provides Native American youth culturally relevant behavioral health treatment. The facility is a 24-bed residential treatment center and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. Services offered are biopsychosocial treatment for youth between the ages of 12 and 18.

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Mr. McSwain listening to Martha Interpreter-Baylish

August 15, 2008- Mr. Robert McSwain, IHS Director, listens as Martha Interpreter-Baylish, Bylas District Councilwoman, explains the importance of health care services to her community. This was Mr. McSwain's first Phoenix Area Site visit since he was officially appointed as the Director of Indian Health Service.

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Awardee Marthalene Phillips with CEO Tim Taylor

July 31, 2008- The 2008 Colorado River Service Unit (CRSU) Award Ceremony took place at the Bluewater Casino at Parker, Arizona. More...

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Phoenix Area Indian Health Service
Two Renaissance Square • 40 North Central Avenue • Phoenix, AZ 85004-4424

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