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Title 41
Public Contracts and
Property Management

Revised July 1, 2002
Subtitle B--Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts
1 50 50-1--50-999 Public Contracts,
Department of Labor
51 51-1--51-99 Committee for Purchase From People
Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled
60 60-1--60-999 Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs,
Equal Employment Opportunity, Department of Labor
61 61-1--61-999 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Veterans
Employment and Training, Department of Labor
Subtitle C--Federal Property Management Regulations System
2 101 101-1--101-99 Federal Property Management Regulations 9/13/02
3 102 102-1--105-999 Federal Management Regulation 10/07/02
105 105-1--105-999 General Services Administration
109 109-1--109-99 Department of Energy Property Management Regulations
114 114-1--114-99 Department of the Interior
115 115-1--115-99 Environmental Protection Agency
128 128-1--128-99 Department of Justice
Subtitle D--Other Provisions Relating to Property Management [Reserved]
4 Subtitle E--Federal Information Resources Management Regulations System 10/24/02
201 201-1--201-99 Federal Information Resources Management Regulation
Subtitle F--Federal Travel Regulation System
301 301-1--301-99 Travel Allowances
302 302-1--302-99 Relocation Allowances
303 303-1--303-2 Payment of Expenses Connected with the
Death of Certain Employees
304 304-1--304-99 Payment from a Non-Federal Source for Travel Expenses

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