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Electronic Reading Room

NRC releases several hundred documents to the public each work day. The Web site contains information and the documents that are most pertinent to NRC regulatory activities. Many of the documents are in Basic References or Document Collections (see bulleted list). The rest are available either from our record retrieval system, ADAMS, or from our Public Document Room. Documents posted at the Web site are also retrievable from ADAMS. The reference librarians at our Public Document Room can help you find a document in ADAMS or on the Web site.

  • Basic References - links to the full text of frequently requested general, administrative, and regulatory reference documents, such as NRC Regulations, the Strategic Plan, and the Accountability and Performance Report

  • Collections of Documents by Type - index pages for collections of the same type of document, organized by subject category for full-text viewing, such as Commission Papers, NUREG-series publications, Regulatory Guides, Generic Communications, and NRC forms

  • Documents in ADAMS - using NRC’s online document retrieval system to obtain the full text of documents (records) made public

  • Public Document Room - reference librarian help in locating or obtaining documents in ADAMS or on this Web site

  • Get Copies of Documents - obtaining NRC documents and publications at the lowest cost

  • FOIA and Privacy Act Requests - obtaining NRC documents in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or Privacy Act

  • Photo Gallery - high-quality photographs and other images illustrating who we are and what we do

  • Withholding of Sensitive Information
  • - changes to procedures and practices

  • Index to All FAQ Pages - list of all frequently asked questions pages

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