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Alcohol Alert

The NIAAA Alcohol Alert is a quarterly bulletin that disseminates important research findings on a single aspect of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.  Please click on the desired publication for full text. To order single copies of select Alcohol Alerts, see ordering Information.

To view publications in PDF format, you must download the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The browser you are using determines the methods necessary to download Acrobat files. See Viewing PDF Files or Methods for Saving Acrobat Files.

Note: Alcohol Alerts No. 1-24 and 31 are only available online.

Ordering Information

Single copies of Alerts 25-30 and 32-76 can be ordered by writing to NIAAA or by ordering online.

NOTE: Alcohol Alerts No. 1-24 and 31 are only available online.

Written Request:
P.O. Box 10686
Rockville, MD 20849-0686
Cost: FREE



Updated: September  2008

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