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National Mine Health and Safety Academy
National Mine Health and Safety Academy

1301 Airport Road
Beaver, West Virginia 25813-9426
    The mission of the National Mine Health and Safety Academy is to reduce accidents and improve health conditions in the mining industry through education and training. To fulfill this mission, the Academy conducts a variety of education and training programs in health and safety and related subjects for Federal mine inspectors and other government mining and industry personnel.

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General Information

    The National Mine Health and Safety Academy is the seventh permanent Federal Academy, joining the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Maritime, Navy, and FBI Academies in serving our Nation. (more)

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    The Academy designs, develops and conducts instructional programs to assist in government, industry, and labor efforts to reduce accidents and health hazards in the mineral industries.
    Progress has been made in recent years in the improvement of the health and safety conditions in U.S. mines. However, further improvements must be made before mining is removed from the list of high-risk industries. These improvements can only come about through the establishment of effective accident prevention and industrial hygiene programs. (more)
    The Academy is supported by the Superintendent's Office with the aid of four major organizational units-- the Department of Instructional Services, Department of Instructional Materials, Facilities Support Services, and the Technical Information Center and Library. (more)
Academy History
    In a five-year period from 1906-1911, 13,228 miners were killed in U.S. coal mines. As a result, the Bureau of Mines was established by Congress on July 1, 1910, "to make diligent investigation of the methods of mining, especially in relation to the safety of miners and the appliances best adapted to prevent accidents." (more)
Physical Facilities
    The Academy complex includes classrooms and laboratories accommodating 600 students, dormitory space for 320 people (double occupancy), a cafeteria, library, auditorium, and wellness facilities. (more)
Reservation Policy
    The Academy will hold a block of reserved dormitory rooms for an event, for up to fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the beginning date of the event. To confirm blocked dormitory rooms, the names of the persons attending the event must be provided to the Academy within fourteen calendar days of the event. Blocked rooms which are not confirmed within 14 calendar days of the event can be released. (more)
Mine Simulation Laboratory
    The Mine Simulation Laboratory is an above-ground simulated mine that provides hands-on training for MSHA inspectors and mining industry personnel. The 48,000 square foot facility has a simulated coal mine with an indoor burn room on the lower level and a simulated metal/nonmetal mine on the second floor level. The coal mine represents a room-and-pillar setup with four (4) entries and nine (9) crosscuts. (more)

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