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  Overseeing the delivery of Health Care to Native American people in the Northwest


The Portland Area Indian Health Service provides access to health care for an estimated 158,000 Indian residents of 42 Tribes located in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Health delivery services are provided by a mix of health centers, health stations, preventive health programs, and urban programs. Health centers provide a wide range of clinical services and are open 40 hours each week. Health stations provide a limited range of clinical services and usually operate less than 40 per week. Preventive programs offer counselor and referral services.

There are 15 health centers, 8 Tribally operated and 7 Federally operated. Health stations total 23, 22 Tribally operated and 1 Federally operated. Preventive programs total 10 Tribally operated programs. Urban programs total 3 operated by tribal organizations. Over 514,000 direct ambulatory visits were provided by IHS and tribal clinics during FY 1999.


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