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Is your company experiencing a foreign trade barrier? 

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Upcoming Health Events...

Export your way to higher profits, increased market share, and expanded product lines. You can find new distributors, partners, and direct buyers by participating in the many efficient yet inexpensive export promotion events. It's easy to get started -- just click Trade Events to see details about a particular event.

U.S. Department of Commerce Business Development Mission - CAFTA-DR (September 28 - October 4). To learn more, click on CAFTA-DR!

OHCG Health Products and Technologies Team...

Welcome to the Office of Health and Consumer Goods (OHCG) Health Products & Technologies Industries website! The OHCG Health Team is dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. health industry, expanding its market access, and increasing exports.

OHCG Health Products & Technologies Team Trade Specialists address challenges U.S. manufacturers face domestically and internationally, by:

For the contact information of the Trade Specialist covering your industry sector or regional focus, click on "Contact Us".

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