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Software and Systems Division

The Software and Systems Division, part of NIST's Information Technology Laboratory, develops software testing tools and methods that improve quality, conformance to standards and correctness. The division also participates with industry in the development of forward-looking standards.

Division Chief:
image of SDCT Division Chief Mark Skall
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Created on November 7, 2003

Last Modified: Thursday, 09/04/2008 12:40 PM
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Project Areas:

* Health IT
* Software Quality
* Computer Forensics
* Voting Systems
* Test Method Research


Developing measurements, tools, and prototypes to advance the use of IT in healthcare systems.
primary bullet Health Information Technology
primary bullet Medical Devices
primary bullet Telemedicine
primary bullet HIT Testing
Sofware Quality & Conformance
Developing standards, conformance tests, and tools to ensure the quality of software and conformance to standards.
primary bullet XML Technologies Conformance
primary bullet Conformance Advisory and QA
primary bullet SAMATE - Software Assurance Metrics
Computer Forensics
Developing of reference materials and test methods in support of the law enforcement community.
primary bullet NSRL
primary bullet Tool Verification
Developing standards to improve voting systems.
primary bullet Voting Systems
Test Method Research
Developing techniques and tools to improve the development of specifications, software tests, and the quality of software.
primary bullet Software Component Integration Testing
primary bullet Grid Systems


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SSD News & Events:
At the request of the Internet organization that assigns domain names, Paul Black developed an algorithm to compare the similarity of names. For more information, see NIST Tech Beat

Paul Black interviewed for The Economist, "Software That Makes Software Better" article (3/6/2008), discussing SAMATE project and making software better.

NIST collaboration with IHE and CCHIT in developing health IT testing tools is the subject of a CCHIT press release
"Test Sequence Generation for Integration Testing of Component Software" by Len Gallagher and Jeff Offutt has been published in The Computer Journal, 2007.

Tom Rhodes and Thelma Allen are being recognized with the 2007 Bronze Medal as part of a NIST-wide team for contributions to the first-ever assessment of the U.S. measurement system’s ability to sustain innovation at a world-leading
pace. (more...)

The Health Information Technology (HIT) Implementation Testing and Support web site for the NHIN Initiative is now available, providing HIT implementers with access to the tools and resources needed to support and test the implementation of standards-based health systems.

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