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EPIC Web Utilities -- m2gif

What m2gif does
m2gif translates Plot-Plus (PPLUS) metacode files into GIF images, using the gd ("gifdraw") library.

Sample Images
The following are some sample images created by m2gif, or web pages which use m2gif. Of particular interest is the on-the-fly generation of plots for WWW display.

m2gif is a C program which runs under Unix or VMS:
  • Solaris (SunOS 5.3 or 5.4) on Sun hardware
  • SunOS (V4.1.3) on Sun hardware
  • OSF/1 (V3.0) on DEC alpha
  • VAX/VMS (V5.5-2) on DEC VAX
  • OpenVMS AXP (V6.1) on DEC alpha
m2gif contains support for the new Plot-Plus "fill" command.
m2gif started out as an Xwindows-dependent program by Dr. Donald W. Denbo.
Mark Renton changed it to use the gd library instead, and then greatly enhanced it.
Download m2gif
m2gif is freely available from the TOGA-TAO project office via the web.
(This link downloads m2gif V1.5). (It's also included in the Plot-Plus distribution.)
Note: To extract the files from the tar archive, use:
% uncompress m2gif.tar.Z
% tar -xvf m2gif.tar
which will create and populate a sub-directory named m2gif.