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Part 41—Acquisition of Utility Services

Subpart 41.1—General

41.100 Scope of part.

41.101 Definitions.

41.102 Applicability.

41.103 Statutory and delegated authority.

Subpart 41.2—Acquiring Utility Services

41.201 Policy.

41.202 Procedures.

41.203 GSA assistance.

41.204 GSA areawide contracts.

41.205 Separate contracts.

41.206 Interagency agreements.

Subpart 41.3—Requests for Assistance

41.301 Requirements.

Subpart 41.4—Administration

41.401 Monthly and annual review.

41.402 Rate changes and regulatory intervention.

Subpart 41.5—Solicitation Provision and Contract Clauses

41.501 Solicitation provision and contract clauses.

Subpart 41.6—Forms

41.601 Utility services forms.

Subpart 41.7—Formats

41.701 Formats for utility service specifications.

41.702 Formats for annual utility service review.

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