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Winners of Technology Games 2000

Congratulations to the following winners of this year's Technology Games! The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania and the Annenberg School for Communication sponsored this year's successful event and cash prizes. Select from the links below to learn more about these winning innovations and who to contact for more information. Application summaries were submitted by Technology Games participants.

Best of Show Award  - $1,000.00 each

BioRehab System, Enhanced Mobility Technologies 
Judges’ comments: An innovative, science-based application that demonstrates clear outcomes.

Relate for Teens, Ripple Effects, Inc.
Judges’ comments: A theory-based application that has undergone independent evaluation. It is appropriate for all literacy levels and fits its target audience well. It also has high entertainment value.

Comprehensive Health Information Award  - Govt. sponsor, no cash award

The National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC), Office on Women's Health, US Department of Health and Human Services
Judges’ comments: A comprehensive health information site for women and men. It fills niches for culturally appropriate information and information for disabled persons. Materials have been rewritten at appropriate literacy levels.

Contribution to the Field Award  - $400.00 

WellMed Personal Health Manager, WellMed, Inc. 
Judges’ comments: A state of the art application that contributes the much needed resource of a consumer health thesaurus.

Cool for Kids Award  - $250.00 each

Kidz with Leukemia: A Space Adventure, The Degge Group, Ltd.
Judges’ comments: An interactive application that builds skills appropriate for its target audience. It also provides resources for adults and siblings.

Air Academy: The Quest for Airtopia, Merck and Co. and I.C. Axon, Inc. 
Judges’ comments: A multimedia application with strong graphics, high entertainment value, and a clear health message that teaches children in a way they can understand about their bodies and asthma. The application is easy to use, even with limited literacy skills.

Cool for Teens Award  - $400.00

The Zone, New England Research Institutes 
udges’ comments: A multi-format application that targets a diverse audience. Notably, the application has undergone independent evaluation.

Creative Solutions Award  - Government sponsor, no cash award

Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery, Center of Excellence for Medical MultiMedia 
Judges’ comments: An innovative way to help patients deal with the difficult issue of informed consent.

Healthy People Objectives Award  - $250.00 each

The ABC Immunization Calendar, Health Communication Research Laboratory, St. Louis University
Judges’ comments: A simple to use application that demonstrates clear outcomes.

DietWatch - Online Diet and Fitness Management, DietWatch.com, Inc.
Judges’ comments: A science-based application that keeps its information fresh and helps build a sense of community among users.

Improving Access/Eliminating Disparities Award - Govt. sponsor, no cash award

What is Low Vision?, National Eye Institute
Judges’ comments: An accessible application (it is available on kiosks in shopping malls) with clean graphics and material at appropriate reading levels for its audience.

Improving Quality of Life Award  - $400.00

HealthTalk Interactive, HealthTalk Interactive
Judges’ comments: A multi-media application that provides support for individuals and family, as well as builds community and provides distance learning. Special commendation for providing full disclosure of funding sources.

Outstanding User Interface for the Web Award  - $400.00

Best of Health Online, LIFELINE International 
Judges’ comments: A sophisticated employee wellness program with an excellent user interface.

Patient Education Award - $400.00

Unet, United Network for Organ Sharing
Judges’ comments: An application that fills a unique niche and provides valuable information about its issue – organ sharing.

Popular Vote Award  - No cash award; most votes from conference attendees

DietWatch - Online Diet and Fitness Management, DietWatch.com, Inc.

Public Health Leadership Award  - Government sponsor, no cash award

Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA) and Community Health Planning Profiles, Missouri Department of Health
Judges’ comments: Unique services that provide well-documented, valuable information at the community level.

Sea Change Award  - Government sponsor, no cash award

PubMed, National Library of Medicine 
Judges’ comments: A national treasure, recognized for its historical significance, that changed the way that patients and consumers thought about and had access to health information.

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