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SECURE (System Efficacy through Commercialization, Utilization, Relevance and Evaluation) Program

SECURE Program Overview

The SECURE Program is an efficient and cost-effective program to foster cooperative "win-win" partnerships between the Department of Homeland Security and the private sector. The Department works with the private sector to develop products, systems or services aligned to the needs of its Operating Components and First Responders. The Department posts detailed operational requirements in the form of an Operational Requirements Document (ORD) on this site to articulate specific needs in conjunction with a conservative estimate of the Potential Available Market (PAM) of a given product, system, or service.

Private sector entities possessing technologies or products aligned to these requirements can use this valuable information to generate a business case and develop (at their cost) a fully deployable product or service after their verification of market potential. The Department assures that a product or service has demonstrated operational performance that meets a given private sector entity's published specifications through our review of recognized third-party independent testing data.  This enables the private sector, through the free market system, to develop products and services that capture significant revenue opportunities and demonstrates to potential purchasers that the product "does what it claims to do.".

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Getting Started

The SECURE Program Overview explains the process of becoming a Department partner in the SECURE Program.

The following downloads provide background information on the SECURE Program. These files are designed to provide insight into the development of detailed operational requirements documents and how the Department is working to leverage its relationship with the private sector to benefit America:

  • Opportunities for the Private Sector is a well received PowerPoint presentation that outlines how to do business with DHS. (PDF, 44 pages - 12.91 MB)
  • SECURE Program Overview explains the concept of operations for the public-private partnership of the SECURE program and the application form. (PDF, 6 pages - 104.38 KB)
  • Developing Operational Requirements books written to assist in the communication of needs. The development of detailed operational requirements ensures that efficacious products, systems or services are developed to address specific, well-articulated needs. (PDF, 194 pages - 8.82 MB)
  • Operational Requirements Document (ORD) template is the "cornerstone" for communicating detailed needs through detailed requirements. (PDF, 6 pages - 54.2 KB)
  • High Priority Technology Needs booklet identifies all current DHS S&T capability gaps gathered from the Department. (PDF, 20 pages - 10.3 MB)

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SECURE Operational Requirements Documents (ORDs)

ORDs are detailed operational requirements normally associated with capability gaps derived from our Capstone Integrated Product Team (IPT) process. Private Sector organizations that possess or could develop solutions to meet needs articulated in published ORDs are eligible to apply for a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security through the SECURE Program to develop products and/or services.

In addition to the ORDs, conservative estimates of the Potential Available Market (PAM) for a potential solution to a given ORD are posted by the Department below. As previously mentioned, a Private Sector entity should develop and analyze its own business case for a possible partnership with the Department through the SECURE Program.

This ORD describes the requirements for a forensic camera deployed in public transportation vehicles to assist in incident cause analysis. A conservative estimate of 1.5+ million units has been calculated for use of this product in mass transit buses; trolley cars; light, commuter and heavy rail cars; and police cars.

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Outreach Efforts

Outreach efforts to inform the public on “How to do Business with DHS” is receiving positive feedback from the private sector and media. Outreach efforts center on notifying the private sector about opportunities that exist for partnership and business development to address the needs of the Department. Several articles have been written about our Commercialization efforts. Outreach efforts are conducted through invited talks to trade conventions, reaching small, medium and large businesses. Efforts also extend to meet with minority, disadvantaged and HUB Zone groups on a regular basis.

This article describes DHS' newly developed and recently implemented commercialization process that offers long-awaited benefits for the rapid execution of cost-effective and efficient development of products and services to protect our nation and its resources.

This article describes how the SECURE Program provides the speed-of-execution, cost-effectiveness and efficiency necessary to develop products and services for Homeland Security.

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For more information on how to get involved in the SECURE Program, please send an e-mail to sandt_commercialization@hq.dhs.gov or call 202-254-6749.

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