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EPIC Team:

Email: epic@noaa.gov or On-line Contact Form


    NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
    7600 Sand Point Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98115 USA

User Support:

Expert consulting and on-going maintenance and upgrade of EPIC is provided by EPIC team. Major modifications and custom software development is provided upon request, on a customer service fee. Send email to epic@noaa.gov or use On-line Contact Form.

EPIC Users email:

You can use EPIC user group email to post your questions and anwsers, tips and techiniques, and find the EPIC announcements.


Programmers and consultants who have contributed to EPIC system development include Robert Deloura, Donald Denbo (Co-lead), Mike Hamilton, Dave Kachel, Jean Lynch, Linda Mangum, Laura McCarty, Margie McCarty, Dai McClurg, Kristy McTaggert, Nazila Merati, John (Oz) Osborne, Joe Sirott, Nancy Soreide (Co-lead), Mark Renton, Sigrid Salo, Marie Schall, Mick Spillane, Tiffany Vance, Willa Zhu, and Stefan Zube.

EPIC Software License Agreement:

Please see the EPIC software license agreement if you are interested in downloading and utilizing the software.

The EPIC Web Site is designed by Willa Zhu. Please send comments and suggestions regarding this web site to willa.zhu@noaa.gov .