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Text Graphic: The Presidential Award for Management Excellence will be presented to organizations that have shown exemplary performance (approach and results), in any of the award program categories.  These oganizations will serve as role models for other organizations.

2003 President's Quality Award Program applications are due to OPM by September 5, 2003. 

We redesigned the Presidents Quality Award Program last year to recognize those organizations and projects that stood out in implementing the objectives of the Presidents Management Agenda (PMA). 

Like last year, the 2003 program will recognize organizations for their performance and results in any or all of the five following PMA categories:

 Strategic Management of Human Capital,
 Competitive Sourcing,
 Improved Financial Performance,
 Expanded Electronic Government, and
 Budget and Performance Integration.

Organizations selected for recognition will serve as role models and benchmarks for other organizations to attain similar success. 

Since applications will be evaluated, in part, by the results attained and the transferability and sustainability of the improvement, sharing of these best practices will provide us significant leverage in creating a government that is citizen-centered, results-oriented, and market-based. The 2003 criteria and program guidelines are now available.

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