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Delegated Examining Training Schedule

This page provides information, forms, and the course schedule for current Federal employees who are human resources professionals and who are required to complete Delegated Examining Training (DET).

  • DET responsibilities are covered in Chapter 1, Section Dof the "Delegated Examining Operations Handbook (DEOH)," and this section also discusses Certification and Re-certification training.

    Certification training is for human resources (HR) specialists, assistants, and staff responsible for conducting competitive examining functions under an agency delegated examining agreement. Candidates are required to have prior experience or formal training in either competitive and/or merit promotion staffing and examining procedures.

    During Certification training, instructors will give an overview of the DEOH and cover recruitment, public notice, candidate assessment and referral, auditing of referral lists, delegated examining unit accountability responsibilities, and reporting requirements in the competitive examining process. At the conclusion of the training, candidates will receive a certificate that will permit them to conduct delegated examining functions for a period of three years.

  • Training forms: Submit OPM Forms 1674 and 1675 to the OPM Contact listed for the training course (See Training Schedule for contact name). Use OPM Form 1674 to provide the name, duty station, and other information of the participant who will attend the course.

    OPM Form 1675 is a delegated examining, competency assessment tool. This form highlights the strengths, and emphasizes additional training requirements, of the participant and it must be completed by the participant and their supervisor. The OPM Contact must receive both forms prior to the start date of the class.

  • Training Schedule: View the entire training schedule or search the schedule by Month, Year, Course Title or State.