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Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange. Read more.

Homeland Security 5 Year Anniversary 2003 - 2008, One Team, One Mission Securing the Homeland

Activities and Programs

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Activities and programs listed below include links from this Web site and from Department of Homeland Security component agency Web sites.

Constellation/Automated Critical Asset Management System (C/ACAMS). Allows state and local government users to collect and use asset data and protection information to develop incident response and recovery plans to protect infrastructure assets.

Homeland Security Advisory System. Designed to target protective measures when specific information to a specific sector or geographic region is received. It combines threat information with vulnerability assessments and provides communications to public safety officials and the public.

Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). A computer-based counterterrorism communications system connecting all 50 states, five territories, Washington, D.C., and 50 major urban areas.

Integrated Common Analytical Viewer (iCAV). A secure, Web-based, geospatial visualization tool that integrates commercial and government-owned data and imagery from multiple sources available through HSIN.

State & Local Fusion Centers. Fusion Centers blend relevant law enforcement and intelligence information analysis and coordinate security measures in order to reduce threats in local communities.

Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) Program. This information-protection program enhances information sharing between the private sector and the government.

National Applications Office (NAO). The NAO is the executive agent to facilitate the use of intelligence community technological assets for civil, homeland security and law enforcement purposes within the United States.

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