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Food Ingredients and Packaging
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Program Areas

  • Biotechnology
    Announcements, Guidance for New Protein Consultations, Listing of Completed Consultations and more
  • Food and Color Additives
    Guidance for Submitting Petitions, Petitioning Q and As, Food and Color Additive Status Lists and more
  • Food Contact Substances
    Guidance for Submitting Food Contact Substance (FCS) Notifications, Submission Forms, Listings of Effective FCS Notifications and more
  • Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
    How to Submit a GRAS Notice, GRAS FAQs, Summary of GRAS Notices and other Resources

Guidance and Regulations


Quick Links
  • List of Inventories
    Effective Notifications, Recently regulated Food and Color Additives and more
  • Related Links
    Information from FDA, other Federal Government Agencies and non-US Government sources

  • Contact Information
    for Approval and Notification Programs and Regulatory Submissions

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