For hard copies of Consumer Price Index publications or historical data and help with general index questions, including escalator clauses in contracts:

  • Information and Analysis: (202) 691-7000

For more information about how we treat and price commodity and service items in the Consumer Price Index:

  • Food: (202) 691-6988
  • Housing (rent and owners' equivalent rent): (202) 691-6991
  • Transportation and Household Commodities (including gasoline, new cars, furniture and appliances): (202) 691-6982
  • Apparel and Sundry (Nondurable) Commodities: (202) 691-6979
  • Services (including medical care, utilities, insurance): (202) 691-6985

For help finding Consumer Price Index data in LABSTAT and for information on seasonal adjustment and other technical issues:

  • Production and Control: (202) 691-6968


Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001