Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What types of benefit data do you have?

The National Compensation Survey benefits series is an annual publication on the incidence and provisions of selected benefits provided by employers to their employees. The data are released in two stages. Initially, data are published on the incidence and key provisions of selected benefit plans and detailed provisions of paid holidays, life insurance plans, and other benefit plans. Employer and employee shares of contibutions to medical care premiums, and their average amounts are also presented. At a later date, more detailed information on the provisions on health or retirement plans are published.

For what worker and establishment characteristics are benefit data available?

Data are available by broad occupational groups, full-time and part-time employment, public and private sector employees, size of establishment, and for major industry sectors. Data are also presented for nine census divisions.

How much has the cost of employer-provided benefits increased in the last 5 years?

Data on employer-provided benefits costs and their changes are available from the BLS Employment Cost Trends.

Can I get estimates on benefits for a specific position?

We publish data on a limited number of detailed occupations, such as teachers and registered nurses in State and local government, for example. No occupational estimates are available for private industry workers.

Can I get projections on benefits?

We do not make projections. Try the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Are there micro data available to the public?

NCS benefit micro data are not available to the public.

Does BLS track sick-leave usage rates among government employees or any type of employees?

We do not produce data on the use of such benefits. We do, however, produce data on availability of sick leave and other disability benefits as part of our benefits survey. Go to the NCS benefits home page for the most recent information.

What percentage of the American work force is covered by benefit s such as employer provided childcare or adoption assistance?

The NCS benefits survey provides comprehensive data on the incidence and detailed provisions of selected employee benefit plans in private industry and State and local governments. For such benefits as childcare or adoption assistance, we only have data on incidence, and not details of provisions. Go to the NCS benefits home page for the most recent information.

Do you have information on mandatory benefits, and when an employee has the right to receive them?

We only have information on employee benefits provided voluntarily by employers. We suggest for obtaining information on mandatory benefits, that you visit the Department of Labor Website.


Last Modified Date: July 16, 2008